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Guns & Best Skins Of 2020 Used by Pros in Free Fire



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June 16, 2020

Pros in Free Fire:- Free Fire is a very popular game that is played by millions of people each day and the game is quite popular on its own and today we will be talking about some of the best Guns & Best Skins Of 2020 Used by Pros in Free Fire as we all know Free fire is quite entertaining but some people need time to improve and thus by learning about the best guns from the Pros might help them a lot and also the skins which pros use, can give the player a better feel of the weapon in their hands.

Thus without further ado lets get started:

Firstly we will divide the best skins and the best guns separately as both things are completely different

Best Guns Used by Pros in Free Fire

There are many popular guns in the Free fire game for pc but these guns are the most used ones by Pro players

1. M1887


An amazing Gun with High damage, Good range as well as Quick reload, and quite a successful gun in making quick headshots, And no skin is released for this gun as of yet but it is used by most pro players. This gun is very simple and easy to use and can be used from medium range very easily.

2. AWM Sniper

AWM Sniper

This is one of the most powerful guns in the entire Free fire series as this gun does high damage and there is no necessity for Headshot as even body damage is significantly high, It is quite easy to use and many kinds are available for AWM. And this gun is mostly used for long-range fights but even at close range fights it might work sometimes

3. AK 47

AK 47

AK 47, is one of the finest guns that is used by Pros in Free Fire as it does need some basic practice so that a player can practice the recoil of the gun, but with little practice, you can surely practice the greatest headshots with just one bullet of this assault rifle.

Best Skins That are used by Pros in Free Fire

3. Evil Pumpkin for AK47

Evil Pumpkin for AK47

Ak 47 is a very tough gun and quite amazing as well, and Evil pumpkin Skin makes the gun look quite admirable and beautiful as this skin costs the basic amount for good skins and that is 40 Diamonds and it increases the accuracy of your weapon and also increases its Rate of Fire.

2. The Vampire Famas

The Vampire Famas

Famas is a very amazing cheap gun that can be very useful at crucial times and the Vampire skins make the gun look super dope, as this skin can only be achieved by Phantom Assassin set, This Skin Doubles the damage of Famas and decreases its Range of firing but honestly its all worth it because you will have a lovely looking gun for just 40 Diamonds.

1. The Venom M4A1

The Venom M4A1

M4A1 is the love of most players as this gun is the easiest one to use and it is even used by most Pros in Free Fire, and this skin is the best skin on our list because it is just so beautiful that you will not stop admiring the Skin, and it can be obtained from the very own cataclysm Set, this Skin increases the rate of fire, doubles the damage and decreases the range of the gun and the cost of this skin is a mere 40 Diamonds

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