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March 12, 2020

As mention that crystal reunion is a real-time strategy game. All you have to do is to defend your empire and beat the other players to reach the top. Like other real-time strategy game Crystal of Reunion, there are levels in the game in which players will ascend by achieving completing given mission and throughout the game, players can seek help from LULU, NANA and HEROES. The game screen is equipped with useful options so we will first discuss the Basics option which appears on the screen while playing the game.

The TOP side of the Screen

on the top corner of the screen, there are numbers of the option visible to a player. Option on the very top option of the screen can be divided into three groups; options on the center, right and left

  • On the top center of the screen, there appears the power, each on different levels has different powers.
  • On the top-right screen appears GOLD which at the beginning of the game is 1k in number and will increase as the game progresses.
  • On the left players will find a picture of their heroes and by clicking it a profile of certain hero can be seen and on the extreme top left appears the level of a player.
  • Below these option is the BAR which shows how much of wood, stones, ores, food, shards does a player have. One can increase the number of these resources for the sustenance of the empire as the empire will run on these resources.

Center of the Screen

In the center, there are not many items or options present but it is of utmost importance because from here you will be able to see your empire. Players can zoom in and out of the screen to take a complete or close picture of the scenario.  On the center one can see his castle and in front of it is a mothering crystal. Your city is surrounded by the wall which provides first line of defense. Inside the city, there are certain plots on which players can build Barracks, Hospital, Storehouses, Watchtowers, Magic Academy, Blacksmith, Goddess Statue. Each building has its own importance and serves a particular purpose.

On the top left on the center of the screen, an option appears which is more of an offer for players to purchase certain things in the game. Below it is the event option which will show what event is going on and players can play events, complete different tasks and earn rewards but one thing should be kept in mind the event is for a certain time period after that new events will be started.

On the bottom left appears hint and Mission option. Players can get hints from LULU and NANA and keep track of their records achievements.

And on the center, bottom left of the screen appears Boost items, VIP room. Boost items are used to make the empire stronger in a short period of time.


  • Chat bar, which will allow players to chat with each other and connect with different people around the world.
  • And at the very bottom appears the option of MAP, HERO, ALLIANCE, MAIL, ITEMS, and MENU which serves a different purpose.

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