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September 7, 2020

We have brought this article for the fans of Gacha Life to explore Gacha Life All Secrets and Guides of game. Gacha Life is a very popular game where you can also design your own characters and customize it as per your choice.

Gacha Life Promo Codes

In this section, we will discuss all Gacha Life Pc Promo Codes. Pomo Code is an important part of Gacha Life so it is necessary to discuss it in Gacha Life All Secrets and Guides of Game.

How To Enter a Promo Code?

The Gacha Life players can take advantage of additional gifts offered by the developers. You can use the promo code to get additional gifts. Let’s follow the given steps to redeem a promo code.

  • You have to enter the options menu from the home screen.
  • After this, you have to just click on the “Redeem Promo Code”.
  • In the last step, you have to just enter 9 digits promo codes.

Different Promo Codes for different Rewards

In Gacha Life All Secrets and Guides of Game, we would like to discuss various promo codes to get crystals.

  • To get 250 crystals: 164057933
  • To get 300 crystals: 546677845
  • To get 500 crystals: 370927398
  • To get 450 crystals: 762532478

Where to Find Promo Codes?

You can find the latest promo codes from the official sites. Once you get the promo codes, you can easily redeem it to get a lot of gifts. You can use these gifts in this game for more fun.

Game Modes: Gacha Life All Secrets and Guides of game

In this section, we will discuss different modes of this game. There are different buttons for different game modes. You can choose which one you want to enter. Let’s discuss one by one:


In this game mode, you can change the appearance of the character. You can customize the look and choose beautiful clothes and accessories for the character.


It is a very interesting and creative mode of this game where you can show your creativity. If you love to create cartoons then you can create adorable cartoons as well as animations using different advanced tools.


It is another popular mode of this game. Here, you can explore different gifts. NPCs gives the gifts. You can buy 1 or 10 gifts as per your choice and requirement.

Mathematics Ichi

In this mode, you have to just solve different mathematics examples and have fun.


There are 8 different games available to play. You can play these mini-games and earn crystals. You can use the crystals to purchase amazing gifts. It is important to discuss Mini Games in Gacha Life All Secrets and Guides of Game.

Becks Festival

Here, the players have to struggle to run from right to the left. It is necessary to catch the chicken nuggets. The more chicken nuggets you will earn, the more crystal you can earn.

Phantom Remix

In this mode, you have to just click on a certain point in order to get the correct sound. It is a very interesting mode where you can have fun.

Ducks and Dodging

In this mode, you have to dodge the different objects. This mode of the game also has a little bit of similarity to the Becks Festival mode.

Rhythm Peak Party

You can find an endless song. Here, you have to try your best in preventing the notes so that they can not cross the lower bar on the screen.

The Last Words

In Gacha Life All Secrets and Guides of game, we have discussed all-important points of this game. We hope, this informative article would be useful to you to collect all the required information.

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