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Guardian Prelude: Endless Dungeon



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December 27, 2021

Fantasy-based games are and have always been one of the most played games around the globe because of the unique gameplay style they provide. But you know what’s even better than the fantasy games? The online multiplayer fantasy games and speaking of which, Guardian Prelude is an Amazing MMORPG game.

Guardian Prelude features an amazing fantasy realm where we play as the heroes to save our universe from the attack of the dark forces from distant universes. This is our only chance to fight for our people and get back the land that is rightfully ours and restore the peace and order of the universe. However, Guardian Prelude also comes with a more action-packed lite version of the original title.

Guardian Prelude: Endless Dungeon

This lite version of Guardian Prelude, Endless Dungeon, as the name indicates majorly focuses on the dungeons and dismisses large parts of the open-world map to make it easier for players to find and enter the dungeons on the map.

But the fun part stays the same for most of the game, players have to hunt for the hidden treasures, find and collect the hidden items and resources to make weapons, look out for the random drops every now and then and of course defeat the dark forces in the dungeons.

So let’s look at some of the awesome features that this game provides.

Dangerous Dungeons

The first and probably the most important feature of this game is the availability of different dungeon modes than can be unlocked by completing certain tasks.

Single Player Dungeon: You can find and enter these dungeons as a solo player in exchange for a certain amount of energy deduction but the death punishment in this dungeon is comparatively lower than all the other ones in the game.

Team Dungeons: Team dungeons are particularly unique as you can only enter the dungeons with a team but the good thing about having a team with you is that amount of energy that it costs is shared amongst the team members but the death punishment is higher than the single-player dungeon which seems only fair.

Public Dungeons: Public dungeons are by far the most dangerous amongst all other dungeons as they don’t require any energy to enter, so the players can just kill each other and so is the death punishment, highest than all other dungeons.

Various In-Game Systems

There are some amazing skill sets systems in the game like the Equipment system, Enchantment system, Forging system, Refining system, Prestige system that players can acquire and improve over the course of the game.

5 Combat Styles

Players have the choice of 5 different fighting skills that could be useful in the fight against the dark forces.

– Side Missions and Hidden puzzles

The game also features many exciting side missions and hidden puzzles other than the main quest that players can explore.

Our Verdict

The game is full of exciting features that are yet to be explored, be the hero that your world needs, and defeat the devils of the dungeon. Grab the game right now through this: Guardian Prelude: Endless Dungeon

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