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October 30, 2019

How many of you played with toy soldiers when you were a kid (assuming you do not still)? Or maybe you watched The History Channel re-enact some massive battles using a video game engine as mass effect andromeda torrent. If you ever wanted to play in a gaming world with those toy soldiers or if you wanted to know what that game engine that The History Channel was using, let me help you. The game engine is from the game Rome Total War. The engine was so powerful that the developers of the game decided to improve upon it for their next title Medieval 2: Total War.

Medieval 2: Total War will allow gamers to lead their armies across the battlefields of Europe and the Holy Land before discovering the Americas and doing battle with the fearsome Aztecs.

The game’s exciting medieval setting will bring to life the spirit of discovery and brutal warfare that characterized the era from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, when great leaders such as King Richard the Lionheart, Saladin, and Joan of Arc moved nations to war and built Europe into a power that would drive the history of the western world for the next 1000 years. Sounds good to us!

I started out by talking about the engine behind this game simply because it is so impressive.

The engine allows for 100,000 units to be on the battlefield at once, allowing for some truly epic engagements. I also said that the developers improved upon this engine. They were not satisfied to rest on their laurels; instead they have added some more muscle to the powerhouse that already supports this game. Not only does the game boast a ludicrous number of forces, but now the graphics have also taken a step up.

From what I saw at my time at Sega`s booth at this years E3, details are the focus.

When I was being shown the game, the demoer zoomed in close to a force and showed me how some of the forces had things that distinguished them among other individuals in their unit, like facial hair and different styles of armor. To go along with this level of detail, he kept the camera in close as two forces clashed against each other and I can tell you that the animations have also improved from Rome: Total War. Units actually look like they are fighting each other, as opposed to two blocks of units just running into each other until one is dead.

The attention to details goes beyond just the units; buildings, siege fire, explosions all look much more realistic. The developers even took time to work on the environments, increasing the detail in trees, grass and water, all of which add to the overall feel of the game.

Graphics are of course not the only thing in the game engine that has undergone refinement. I was informed that the A.I. has been tweaked to give gamers a greater challenge.

The core of the game has not changed, large-scale realistic strategic combat. This was one of those titles that just stuck in my mind after we left LA and has left me with baited anticipation for the games final release. Are you as big of a fan of the series as I am? Are you excited to get your hands on a finished copy of Medieval 2: Total War?

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