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My Top Cat Health Care Tips [Extremely Useful]

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Are you finding orthodox veterinary medicine is just not doing it for your pet? I discovered many years ago, a way to regain good health, and have more stamina and vigor. I have adapted these methods to improve the quality of life for my animals and double their lifespan. These tips along with cat training tips are the great foundation for your cat care philosophy!


Start with changing the diet to fresh, raw, preferably, and choose organically grown as much as possible. If you have to buy non-organic, chemically polluted foods, you must detoxify them before feeding to your pet and eating it yourself. I go into detail about this in my newsletter #7How to Detoxify The Food. IF YOU DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE DO THIS ONE THING! It truly means the difference between a long-suffering life for your self and your pet, and one of vigor and enjoyment that comes with true health and maximal potential energy. In my 23 years of practicing EAV, I have seen what the polluted foods do to the energy of the body (man and animal). I can’t stress this too strongly. I have numerous newsletters to guide you in this blueprint of energy change. Newsletter #4 Your Pet’s Diet goes into detail what you should be feeding your pet, how much of what and what supplements are necessary for his/her health.

Detoxify your system and your pet’s system of all the accumulated pesticides, drugs, heavy metals, and vaccination destructive energies as outlined in my Newsletter #6 How to Detox Your Pet. Detoxification MUST come first before you can charge and balance the energies in the body. Please see our detox support program.

Protect your pet and yourself from noxious energy fields in the environment. Read about the noxious energies produced by man and earth in my section Noxious Energy Fields.
Also here’s a great source of information on cat care at home https://www.theodysseyonline.com/cat-care-at-home-101
Home/office: put a Tri-Pak anti-radiation device on the main electrical panel that supplies electricity coming into the building. This will neutralize all the electrical wiring in the building and its destructive energy radiation. Place a cellular phone tab on all telephone headsets: cellular, and regular phone systems. Place an electronic smog buster tab on all electrical appliances: microwave oven, television sets, computers, printers, typewriters, etc.

Place a personal protective catalyst bead on your pet (my Healing Halter includes this protective bead for animals), and wear one around your neck and it will protect you from most noxious radiation. These are from geopathic, telecommunication, and satellite noxious energies. If you want to be absolutely safe from all noxious environmental energies, contact a dowser to come to your home/yard/office to verify all radiations have been neutralized and to take care of those that are still there. Contact The American Society of Dowsers, Inc. Danville, Vermont 05828 for a list of dowsers in your area, or call (802) 684-3417, fax (802) 684-2565. We have our own service for dowsing and clearing of noxious energy.

4. Support and strengthen the electromagnetic field (EMF) of your pet with the use of good energy tools: quartz crystals. unipolar magnets, acupressure point massage, homeopathy, chiropractic (if needed), color, music, herbs, natural diets, oral oxygen, and orthomolecular supplements. My newsletters and cassette tapes guide you in their use. All of these tools are available to you in my electronic store.

5. General Balance and Charging of all organ/body system meridian energies. Imbalanced and weak energy flow in acupuncture meridians produce physical illness; this has been proven for 4000 years.

Acupuncture Therapy by professionals- see IVAS Directory http/:altvetmed.com/IVASDirectory.html
Buy a Healing Halter™ for your pet- see Healing Halter™ Section. A basic must initiate any healing and strengthening of your pet.
Practice daily stimulation/balance of all organ systems of your pet with massaging specific acupuncture points as outlined in my Acupressure Point Massage Charts and Newsletter #12 Acupuncture Therapy for animals.
Use of specific colors and music see Newsletter #13 Healing With Color Therapy
Charge energy of drinking water with quartz crystals and practice aura scan healing with a healing crystal – see Newsletter #9 Healing With Crystals.
Use magnetic products to heal your pet in the form of coats, pet pads, and individual magnets.
Target ailing organ/tissue system with specific Homeopathic Remedies, Magnets, and Orthomolecular Supplements: See specific illness conditions as outlined in newsletters, tape cassettes and articles in this web page for example: for Arthritis: (newsletter #16 Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia, Dog Section) or you can do a word search. For arthritis I advise giving your pet:
Chondroitin Sulfate 250 mg caps supplementation for joint health
Glucosamine (500 mg for small animals, 1000 mg for large animals) for joint health.
Dr Dodd’s Homeopathy Arthritis Formula; Exostosis Formula; Intervertebral Disc Formula; and Muscle Spasm Formulas. Supportive Total Organ Support for Female or Male Homeopathy remedy.
Healing Halter™ – not only balances and strengthens all organ and immune systems, it helps relieve muscle spasm and pain.
Orthomolecular- Vit C 500-2000mg daily depending on the severity of arthritis and size of the animal; Vit E 400-800 I. U. daily depending on the weakness of muscles; Vit A 10,000 I. U. daily or 1-2 Super anti-oxidant capsules which has all three vitamins plus selenium.
Oral Oxygen- (Aerobic O7), weakness of organ systems and muscles are deficient in oxygen from poor circulation and are fertile ground for secondary bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Many arthritic animals develop bacterial infections of the urinary tract. Oral oxygen strengthens the tissues and makes it impossible for infective agents to live in a high oxygen environment.
Natural diet and drinking water charging with crystals.
Massage of muscle groups starting from behind head down to hip areas, and acupressure point stimulation of all painful points, (“ashi” points) as well as strengthening organ and immune systems -refer to my acupressure massage charts, Newsletter # 12 Acupuncture Therapy.

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