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September 20, 2020

Most of us can only imagine what growing up in the ’80s would have been like with man wearing make-up, long hairs, cheerful people, and cinemas filled with amazing movies. And speaking of the movies, there’s one I still remember from 1986, Labyrinth by Jim Henson, an amazing fantasy movie starring Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie. Jennifer Playing the role of Sarah Williams, the protagonist in the movie, who loves to spend her time imagining and re-enacting the scenes from her all-time favorite story, Labyrinth. Her innocence, beauty, and gorgeous white gown she wears make the movie unforgettable even after all these years.

Labyrinth Comes To Life

One day, when Sarah comes back from school, her parents tell her off for being late which causes Sarah to become upset and angry, so she rushes back to her room while her parents, leaving the house, tell her to babysit Toby, her infant brother. When she enters Toby’s room, he starts crying, so Sarah tells her a story to calm him down but as soon as the story ends Toby starts crying again, which makes Sarah angry and she says “I wish, the Goblins would come and take you away. Right now.”

Sarah immediately regrets her hasty decision as it makes Toby disappear and Jareth, the Goblin King gives her thirteen hours to save him and so she embarks on a thrilling adventure to find and bring her brother back before he turns into a goblin himself, forever.

Be a Queen Like Sarah

Some characters are never forgotten, they hold a special place in our hearts and no matter how long it has been, we still love them and cherish all the good memories we have with them. Sarah Williams from the Labyrinth is one of those special characters that is loved and adored by many women and teenage girls alike, even after all this time. So what better way to relive the character than cosplaying her famous white gown and dance through the mysterious Labyrinth and end up a Queen just like Sarah.

The gorgeous gown with a huge skirt of gossamer cloth and buffed-up taffeta shoulders are sure to make you look like a queen yourself and make you feel special among all others in every event, be it Halloween or a Cosplay party, and don’t forget to match the whole outfit a hair clip that resembles her shiny crown.

Where To Buy Sarah’s Cosplay Costume?

Special dresses like this one deserve a special kind of talent to design it and not every designer can pull it off with this magnificent dress, as it requires absolute skills and passion but luckily at, there are professional designers who can make this magical dress become a reality and top of that you can even get the whole gown custom-made according to your own body’s measurement so that it fits you perfectly. So check out this beautiful Labyrinth sarah Ballroom costume at offers a great discount that you will definitely LOVE.

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