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The Last Dragon Adults Sho’nuff Costume For Halloween



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September 20, 2020

The Last Dragon is the perfect grab-bag of the late 20th-century pop culture craziness. Unlike other martial arts movies from the ’80s, this title by Michael Schultz stands out to be one of the greatest martial arts movies of all time, you don’t have to be an old guy from the ’80s to fall in love with this evergreen masterpiece. The magic that its casts over the audience through the blend of comedy, action-packed kung fu, corny romance and rocking music is the reason why after all these decades people still love the movie.

All the way back to the ’80s

A young man from New York City, Leroy Green, dreams to be one of the greatest martial artists like none other than Bruce Lee himself. He trains day and night to fulfill his dream, until one day he saves a famous TV personality, Laura from the clutches of an influential and powerful businessman. But little did he know that he will have to fight Sho’nuff, a strong and dangerous gang leader that you better not mess around with.

This all muscular and macho look made Sho’nuff one of the most liked characters of the movie and the costume that he wore made the character even more memorable and that’s the reason why after all these years everyone wants to cosplay the famous Sho’nuff costume.

Rock The Halloween Parties

The Sho’nuff cosplay has been trending once again and everyone wants to dress up as the famous character from Michael Schultz movie and why not? I mean who doesn’t want to look all mean, pretty, and handsome at the same time with super cool sun shades, teased-up hair, buffed up shoulder pants along with a cool leopard-printed Karate belt.

This cosplay costume is sure to make you stand out from the crowd to be it a Cosplay, Halloween or an 80’s party. Everyone wants to look good but not many are ready to pull this awesome costume with style like you are. but what’s even cooler is to gift it to someone from the good old days and let this costume cheer them up like nothing else with a swift rush of memories.

Grab The Sho’nuff Costume

Cosplays are vital in parties or any other event, specially Halloween which brings out your hidden love for different movies and game characters. So let your inner Sho’nuff fan all out and surprise everyone with this uniquely crafted piece of AWESOMENESS.

Now there are not many places out there, where you can just go and grab the sho’nuff cosplay costume and call it a day. Many stores are selling low quality and badly manufactured costumes that would make you go crazy, unlike, where you can literally buy fully custom made costume designed by very professional designers, that fits you perfectly with the exact measurements of your body. On top of that, provides you all this high quality stuff for a fairly low price and at the time of this article, there’s an amazing discount sale that you wouldn’t want to miss. So check out Sho’nuff Cosplay Costume right now!

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