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November 4, 2018

Today once again we are with an interesting topic to make you aware from an Android app that captures your picture with the various and awesome effects and colors to create your picture as memorable, known as B612 In this article you are going to get information about B612 camera along with its features and many more.

B612 is an application software used in the Android operating system that requires the space of 111 Mbs to be installed in your smartphones. It’s a wonderful beauty camera filled with treasure of effects. After its installation, you will get a chance to apply a maximum 73 filters on your Picture. Some of these can be Viewed as under:

  • Soft
  • Clean
  • Heart
  • Wildbird
  • Pretty
  • Bloom
  • Happy
  • S1, 2, 3.
  • Fairy-Tale
  • Thursday
  • Lovely
  • Beyond And so on.

(Note. These 73 Filters are Just available in its latest version and the increment of effects depend on updates).

You may check the latest version of APK: Download GTA 5 APK on Android phones.

Features Of B612 Camera:

In latest Version of filtered Camera, you will not only get it to capture Pictures, but the Video can be recorded within 30 sec to 1 min, but not only the simple video, you will be able to record the video with music or song, it’s upto you.

The various type of Emojies can be applied on your face while selfie and back picture.

The Auto Save facility is given in B612.

The greatest feature of this Beauty Camera is Blur Effect.  As you touch to the Blur icon, the blur applies behind you at the Background.

In lighty or dim areas,  you want to capture your Picture light at night, so don’t worry about it….. The team has also included the features of brightness that you can adjust at any point.

Now we are going to know about its Further Features.

Nextly you will read the Feature of collage.

The B612 comes with an Easy to use Collage frame too.

The best feature of this Filtered Camera is , you guys are allowed to make your picture Filtered after capturing.

Lastly, we have its feature of Managing the Size of your cheeks. Its mean is that you are able to make your face slim and its filter will be changed by swiping your finger on Screen.

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