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March 12, 2020

Word Whomp is one of the most interesting games of all time that has been liked by many people out there and they have been craving for this game ever since they have discovered it. Anyone who loves discovering new words and loves making them by themselves is surely going to love this game. Even if you’re not really good at the English language you’re really going to enjoy this game because it will improve their speaking and writing skills. It is too attractive and tempting to be resisted and once you will play this game you will definitely love it on your first try.

Aim of the game:

This game is such a tremendous spelling game that dares to make a word with 6 letters. That seems pretty easy but it will only be possible if you’ll use your brain. You have to spell as many words as you can with just 6 letters according to the given time interval that is 1 min. Words must have at least 3 letters, and they can’t be proper names, abbreviations, or contractions.


The background of the game is quite amazing. It is just highlighting a simple park with huts and small details that are mostly present in villages with rabbits holding boards of letters. You just click on the letter to make a word and that’s how simple it is.

Additional settings:

  • The game contains its own huge dictionary.
  • This game also contains many hints that will help the player to make more words in a short period of time.

Whoever is going to play this game will surely love it and won’t get disappointed. It can be your favorite game to play when you’re feeling bored or something. You can play Word Whomp game online for free.

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