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August 6, 2023

We all love to prank our friends out of boredom or for no reason. It is hilarious to see their reactions. We all have made fake prank calls and messaged friends from new contacts. But now there is a new addition to these apps. A fake tweets app. This phony tweet generator app is the perfect way to prank your friends. These fake tweets look realistic-looking and unidentical. 

What is Fake Tweets App?

Fake Tweets APK is an app that lets you create virtual tweets and posts to prank your friends. There is no limit to the jokes you can make. In this virtual world, you can do whatever you want while exploring and discovering the apps from someone else’s perspective. 

You can make customizations of profiles, posts, and tweets and build your virtual profile with your specifications. You can be your true self. Follow, like, and see whoever and whatever you want without being caught or investigated. 

Your original account will be kept a secret and no one except you will have access to it. Now let’s talk about this app’s impressive features.

Features of Fake Tweets APK 

Prank your friends

Use Fake Tweets APK to create fake tweets and posts. By creating a virtual account, you can prank your friends. You can add a profile photo, posts, and tweets often to make the virtual account look real.  

Customize your account

You can build your account according to your preferences and choice. You can add photos to your tweets to add another layer of realism. You can become a verified user on this app too. Another thing you can do on this app is reply to tweets, save them, and share them with other users, just like the original Twitter.

Use hashtags and reply to tweets

To make your account look even more authentic, you can use hashtags, follow users, and like posts. Except for these, you can reply to tweets too from day to day to give proof that you are an existing user.

Discover the virtual world

Using Fake Tweets APK you can discover the virtual world. Your non-existent account will make you experience social media from someone else’s perspective.

A safe application

Fake Tweets APK is made for entertainment purposes only. This app will not contain any information about your original account. This app is completely separate from your real social media handles.

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Download the Fake Tweets Creator APK file

Follow the few steps to download this app. Carefully read and follow the guidelines not to get into any trouble while downloading.

  • Click on the download link above. Our site apkfun.org provides free Apk files always.
  • Allow a few minutes for the download to complete.
  • The downloaded app can be found in the download section of your web browser.
  • Once you get it, then click on the fake tweets app.
  • In the next step, your mobile phone will ask you to allow unknown sources.
  • Go to setting then click on the security option now unknown source option will be seen. Allow it
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • Now if you have done the job go to the main menu your app is present there.

Install Fake Tweet Maker’s Latest Version

It’s very simple than downloading process. You have to do it as you did in the downloading process. Follow the guideline carefully. Hope you will not face any obstacles while installing this app.

  • Once the download has been completed, you can begin the installation process.
  • Follow the steps we mentioned above to download it.
  • Once the download is completed, then click on the app.
  • Allow third-party apps. For this go to the main menu, then click on the setting icon, and last go to security here you will see the unknown source option.
  • Allow it.
  • All is done. That’s it.


What is Fake Tweet?

Fake Tweet is an app that lets you create a virtual account to prank your friends. 

Is this app safe?

Yes, this app is completely safe and authentic. The application will not ask for any of your social media accounts as this is completely separate from your original accounts.

Can I like and follow users?

Yes, of course, you can like and follow anyone you want


Fake Tweets APK is an app that lets you create a virtual account and pranks your friends. You can follow, like, post, and share on this app. You can make customizations on your account and make it look real. This app has some interesting features and is fun to use. This app is made for entertainment purposes only and is completely safe and secure. You should surely give Fake Tweets a try and have fun fooling your friends.

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