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OnePlus Dialer APK v5.0.1 [Latest] Download For Android

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August 29, 2023

Say goodbye to scam calls and enhance your calling experience with the powerful features of the OnePlus Dialer! Block spam, and record calls. Download now for a secure and efficient way to communicate.

What is OnePlus Dialer?

Have you ever received scam calls from anonymous people who constantly give you a hard time focusing on more important things? We’ve all encountered similar situations, but these calls should not be taken lightly in any way. Scam callers often use fraudulent tactics to collect personal information and bank details, aiming to gain money from the victim by threatening them.

To avoid such horrendous consequences and put an end to all of them, installing a highly secured dialer can help users combat such fraudulent activities. With that being said, we’re here with an incredibly designed dialer that is 10 times more efficient and faster, unlike its competitors. Meet Oneplus Dialer APK a phenomenal dialer that became a crowd-pleaser because of its amazing features.

OnePlus Dialer APK for Android
OnePlus Dialer APK for Android

More About the OnePlus Dialer App

Oneplus phone dialer is a phone dialer app developed by OnePlus for their phones. The application not only did wonders for Oneplus phones but yielded a beneficial effect on other phones. Although, the developers were forced to remove the application from Google Play and Amazon Play, no need to worry because that’s what our websites are for. 

Furthermore, the application has an intuitive and smooth interface allowing users to easily navigate and explore the application without the extensive need for instructions. The display is quite easy to understand making it a user-friendly app. Features of Oneplus dialer include call recording, caller ID, blocking spam callers, and a fruitful experience. It offers a wide range of features to users allowing them to enhance their call experience.

Features OnePlus Dialer APK

Caller ID

Oneplus dialer allows users to manage their contacts. The application displays caller information: name, photo (if available) of the contact, and if the number is saved or not. 

Call Recording

Users can record their calls and access the saved recordings in the dialer app. If this feature is irrelevant to you, then you can disable it to avoid its usage.

Spam Protection

This feature allows users to block a list of scams and unwanted callers. You can create a blocklist, and filter out potential scam callers to avoid problematic consequences.

Access Voicemails

As someone who only saw people using voicemails in movies and tv shows, this feature stood out for me and caught my instant attention. You can view your voicemails from the dialer app and manage them according to your preferences,

Find Contacts Instantly

Smart dialing can help users find contacts in a state of emergency. You can enter names or numbers in the “search” bar and the app with suggest relevant contacts, including the numbers and names you’ve entered. 

User-friendly Interface

The app has an easy-to-understand interface allowing users to explore the app thoroughly. Even if you’re a beginner and have zero information about the app, there’s no need to worry because the display is very simple and understandable.

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Download OnePlus Dialer APK file

Follow the few steps to download this app. Carefully read and follow the guidelines not to get into any trouble while downloading.

  • Click on the download link above. Our site provides free Apk files always.
  • Allow a few minutes for the download to complete.
  • The downloaded app can be found in the download section of your web browser.
  • Once you get it, then click on OnePlus Dialer Premium.
  • In the next step, your mobile phone will ask you to allow unknown sources.
  • Go to settings then click on the security option Now unknown source option will be seen. Allow it
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • Now if you have done the job go to the main menu your app is present there.

Installing OnePlus Dialer APK Latest Version

It’s much simpler than the downloading process. You have to do it as you did in the downloading process. Follow the guidelines carefully. Hope you will not face any obstacles while installing this app.

  • Once the download has been completed, you can begin the installation process.
  • Follow the steps we mentioned above to download it.
  • Once the download is completed, then click on the app.
  • Allow third-party apps. For this go to the main menu, then click on the setting icon, and last go to the security here you will see the unknown source option.
  • Allow it.
  • All is done. That’s it.


Is the OnePlus Dialer safe for Android phones?

It is safe and secured, you can use it.

Is the OnePlus Dialer a third-party app?

Yes, It is a third-party app.


At last, Oneplus Dialer APK is an amazing dialer app with additional features that allow users to make the most of their call experience. It offers a wide range of features resulting in an efficient and smooth calling experience. We would highly recommend everyone out there to download this app and explore what it offers.

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