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Streamlabs MOD APK [without watermark] Download (Prime Unlocked)

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January 24, 2022

Have you ever thought about streaming but didn’t know where to get started? Or have you ever tried other streaming apps but didn’t find them convenient? I have put together this blog on Streamlabs mod APK to allow you to get the important details of an amazing streaming app that lets you stream right on your phone. 

What is Streamlabs Mod APP?

Streamlabs mod is an incredibly useful application that lets you stream right on mobile. The app covers the speed and reliability that one needs to get a top-notch streaming experience. They have all the features of some of the top competitors but without the high cost. 

Along with this, Streamlabs lets you broadcast gameplay, tutorials, and even pre-recorded videos directly to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Mixer from your phone. Since its release, this application has gained so much popularity as so many people lack access to PCs and other equipment for streaming, so what could be the easiest solution to this? Well, the answer is the Streamlabs mod app

Features of Streamlabs Mod APK

One of the most popular streaming apps on the market today is Streamlabs mod apk. It is available for both iOS and Android devices and is praised for its features. This app has gained a lot of popularity and has become a go-to platform for streamers. Here is everything you need to know about this amazing app, starting with its amazing features.

1. Multi-device streaming: Streamlabs mod apk allows you to stream on multiple devices meaning different devices can have access to your Streamlabs account. Streamlabs (Prime Subscription) is tied to a user’s twitch or YouTube account, fill in the login information and you will have access to stream your gameplay or anything you’re keen about sharing. 

2. On-spot streaming: This feature is quite helpful when you want to live-stream something happening in your immediate vicinity. Suppose you’re traveling and don’t want others to miss out on the beautiful scenery, you can just take your phone out and start live streaming, so cool right?

3. Multi-support functionality: With this feature, you can easily swap between the front and rear cameras. It also permits you to manage the audio options, you can enable your microphone or the sound playing inside your phone and can also mix different sounds on the Streamlabs. 

4. Screen sharing: Streamlabs allows you to share your mobile screen like how you are gaming with the video game matches, this gives the viewers an account of the talents you have and how skilled you are. You can briefly explain to the audience, steps to take while playing that particular game and things to avoid in order to get attractive gameplay. This feature is very helpful in growing your channel and satisfied audience. It narrows down your work and makes it more understandable and concrete.

5. Free of cost: With such impressive features, Streamlabs (without watermark) costs zero money and still manages to provide top-quality streamings. 

6. Customize your streams: A wide range of features on Streamlabs lets you use filters, effects, widgets while streaming. They enhance your streaming quality and help the viewers get a clear view. With a few easy clicks, you can change colors, add overlays, add funny effects and make your streams more interesting and enjoyable for others. The options are endless and it’s pretty easy to customize your streams to fit your preferences and make them interesting for other people. Unlock the exclusive features and make your streams more stand out!

7. Chatbox: You can easily interact with your viewers and can have a conversation with them. Create a pleasant atmosphere, ask them questions and make yourself more open to them if they’re having difficulty in some games.

8. Widgets: There are countless widgets available in Streamlabs like alert box, chatbox, event list, donation tickets, and many more. Choose the accurate widget you want to stream on your mobile phone and VOILA the app will do the rest of things by itself, so convenient right?

9. No watermark: Watermarks on your streams make them very unprofessional. Thanks to Streamlabs mod, your streams will have no watermark and you can deliver the amazing output you’ve created for your audience.

10. Disconnection protection: Streamlabs allows you to not lose your viewers or your stream if you get disconnected. This feature comes in handy when you’re sharing something valuable and your internet connection doesn’t work.


What is Streamlabs mod?

Streamlabs mod APK is an amazing streaming application that allows you to stream on your mobile phone. This app is impressive for those who want to get a nice streaming experience with limited sources like their mobile phone.

Is Streamlabs mod safe?

Yes, the Streamlabs mod app is totally secure to use and does no harm to your mobile phone. Operate it the right way and you’ll absolutely adore this application. 

Is Streamlabs and Streamlabs MOD (Prime) the same?

Streamlabs and Streamlabs mod app are almost the same. Streamlabs mod apk has additional features like it exhibits all the features that are limited for the premium version of Streamlabs (which is a monthly subscription) but thanks to Streamlabs mod apk which is for free. 

How to use Streamlabs MOD?

In order to use Streamlabs mod apk, you need to have a twitch or YouTube account. Once you have downloaded the app, simply fill in the login information and you will have access to its features


In a nutshell, Streamlabs Mod APK is an incredibly designed application and is totally legit for streamers. This application is very useful and lets you stream directly from your phone so you don’t need any additional equipment. With an extended variety of features and considering it is for FREE, Streamlabs is the way to vouch for and will definitely be your favorite streaming app. We would strongly recommend you guys to download this application and experience the features it offers.

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