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About Tekken 3 APK

Tekken 3 is among the best arcade fighting games in terms of gameplay. Tekken 3 Mobile is one of the most remarkable games ever played, which received so much popularity around the globe and became a worldwide hit, selling over 35,000 arcade units and over 8 million PlayStation copies.

It features an essentially new cast of characters and each with a specific and outstanding potential in fights. With super-fast action, 3-dimensional sidestepping, and command responses, smooth as MJ’s moonwalk, the game has proved to be the most magnificent masterpiece ever released. Even more so, it’s as close to genuine fighting as you can possibly get.

The game had significant high-energy gameplay and felt, which contributed to it is often considered the best game in the entire series by both fans and critics and one of the greatest games of its genre on the original PlayStation. The graphics and gameplay improved significantly in Tekken 3 as compared to its predecessors.

Tekken 3 APK
Tekken 3 APK

Tekken 3 Android Gameplay

Selecting the players and entering a match is the same as it was on the PlayStation and has not changed. Tekken 3 also develops its predecessors’ groundwork to polish this fighting to a mirror sheen. It maintains the same core fighting system and concept as its predecessors but brings many improvements, such as significantly more detailed graphics and animations and faster, more fluid gameplay. In addition, a drastic change in characters is seen in the third entry of the Tekken series. Fifteen new characters were introduced with each contributing to jaw-dropping fights as a total of 32 characters.

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Tekken 3 Mobile Features

Sound Effects

Additionally, Tekken 3 added a wide variety of sound effects for each. Character and improved sound quality can also be noticed in Tekken 3. The music is also significantly different, opting for a more energetic and upbeat electronic and rock tone than Tekken 2. Technically speaking, Tekken 3 pushed the limits of the PlayStation’s graphical capabilities and provided the most spectacular gameplay to the players.

Smooth Performance

Characters bear more features than pixelated mush, performance is consistently smooth, and the newly 2d panoramic backgrounds look great. Animations utilizing motion capture would be one of the most eye-catching features the console will ever see. Loading is an absolute snap and takes a handful of seconds which is one of the reasons Tekken 3 is gorgeously crafted.

3-D Movement

One of the most noticeable features that were seen in Tekken 3 mobile is the three-dimensional movement apart from other Tekken entries in which The 3-dimensional movement was insignificant. This is because Tekken 3 emphasized the third axis by allowing characters to sidestep in or out of the background. Moreover, jumping was toned down, no longer allowing fighters to jump to extreme heights but keeping leaps to reasonable, realistic heights.

Quick Recoveries

Other than that, the improved engine allowed for quick recoveries from knock-downs more escapes from tackles and stuns, better juggling. Between the time you make a move, there is negligible lagging and the characters obey the commands instantaneously.

Tekken 3 Android
Tekken 3 Android

Tekken 3 APK Stages

The following stages are mentioned below that are included in the game when fights are held.

  • Beach Island
  • Carnival
  • High school
  • Forest
  • Grassy land
  • Hong Kong street
  • Junky mansion
  • Laboratory courtyard
  • Mexican temple
  • Martial arts dojo
  • Ogre’s temple
  • Punk Alley
  • Skyring
  • Tiger dojo Tokyo
  • Taekwondo dojo

Tekken 3 Android Characters (New & Return)

Returning Characters

With the addition of many characters, some of the characters have also returned including:

  • Anna Williams
  • Heihachi Mishima
  • Lei Wulong
  • Paul Pheonix
  • Nina Williams
  • Lastly Yoshimitsu

New Characters

  • Bryan Fury: a power-hungry kickboxer.
  • Dr. Bosconovitch: is a silly elderly genius scientist and has seen using crazy and weird tactics and inventions, such as electricity and fire, as his fighting style. Bomb detonations accompany many of his stronger moves.
  • Eddy Gordo: A capoeira prodigy seeking revenge against the Mishima Due to Zeaibatsu’s assassination of his parents and ruined family life The business world.
  • Crow: Crow is a Codename assigned to the lowest-ranking members of the Tekken Force.
  • Gon: is a dinosaur appearing as a guest character; apparently, he can fart on enemies.
  • Forest law
  • Jin Kazama: is a protagonist in Tekken 3, and proves a strong addition with the balance between strikes and kicks. He is Heihachi Mishima’s grandson and son of Kazuya Mishima, who seeks revenge against Ogre for having
    Supposedly killed his mother.
  • Julia Chang: The adopted daughter of Michelle Chang sets out to rescue her kidnapped mother from the Mishima Zaibatsu.
  • King II: The successor of the original King, who participates to save his predecessor’s orphanage after the original is killed by Ogre.
  • Kuma II: The son of the original Kuma also serves as Heihachi’s loyal pet and bodyguard.
  • Ling Xiaoyu: A Chinese teenager practicing Baguazhang and Piguaquan wants to build her own amusement park by winning the tournament.
  • Mokujin: The 2,000-year-old wooden dummy Kokujin comes to life as a living being result of Ogre’s awakening and is able to switch between every other character’s fighting styles.
  • Panda: Xiaoyu’s pet and bodyguard.
  • Ogre: A mysterious immortal humanoid is known as the God of Fighting. The final boss of the game is the ogre, who is responsible for everything that goes wrong numerous martial artists have disappeared.
  • Tiger Jackson: A disco man with an afro.
  • True Ogre: Ogre’s second transformation.
  • Hwoarang: A taekwondo student wanting to take revenge against Ogre for apparently murdering his teacher.
  • Gun Jack: The third model of the Jack series sent by his creator, Jane, to retrieve Jack 2’s memory data.


We’ve reviewed Tekken 3 APK quite thoroughly. Tekken 3 refines the 3D fighter to near perfection proving the series’ peak and immense visuals with outstanding fighting and a ton of modes to create a strong all-around fighter that is accessible yet tough enough to master. With such remarkable features, everyone should try this game once in their life.

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