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June 24, 2020

Funblocked games are flash games that are mostly blocked by the Browser. This block set is the default in many browsers to obstruct flash content including most sites that contain unblocked games. If your gaming content is blocked by the browser you are using so you can get them unblocked by turning off those settings. But if these games are blocked by the cruel administration of your school, college or office; so you need to worry anymore because today I will be sharing with you the top three awesome funblocked games.

Mega Man:

A classic Japanese science fiction video game that almost everyone has played in their childhood. The game features a character called Mega Man who fights through various enemies and obstacles to the final boss known as โ€˜Robot Masterโ€™.


The player controls the Pac-man in a maze that has no dead end and the player has to try to eat as many dots, fruits, and blue ghosts. There are colorful ghosts that turn blue after eating larger pac-dot. These ghosts have a name; Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. There is a passageway from the left side of the screen to the right side and energizers and bonus fruits that appear in each level.

Tunnel Rush:

Advance your way through a tunnel, filled with eyes dazzling color. While the player moves through the tunnel s/he encounters obstacles which could be a stationary or a moving obstacle. The dazzling and confusing colors in the tunnel make a player locate obstacles in the tunnel making it harder the longer you run.


Outspell is one of the most popular spelling puzzle game similar to scrabble. Most of the people still like this game. There are four modes easy, medium, hard, and practice. If you are new and you want to play outspell so first start with practice mode. Later you can start with easy, medium, and hard modes. Play outspell game online for free.

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