dragon in dnd

Top 5 interesting 5e Backgrounds in DnD

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August 3, 2020

When going through the background a person who is really concerned regarding a background in DnD can get easily puzzled about which is the best background amongst all the background in DnD.

Well, whether you are wonder which background to select for your character or you are just pondering over about the interesting and thrilling DnD 5e backgrounds you might look into top 5 background that I like the most.

Well will look at each background and try to understand their different aspects like Beginning, feature of a Background and overall theme of a background:

dragon in dnd

5- Acolyte

Acolytes are at the first which are described in the players handbook of DnD. Acolytes are true the type of background that gives the theological theme.

The acolytes are religious in true sense because they from the very beginning (as a child) grow up in an environment where they are surrounded by the Priests or they are serving in temple or performing ritual.

Feature of an acolyte is Shelter of the Faithful, which implies that you alongside you adventuring companions can get free healing and shelter in a temple.

People sharing our faith will support you and you can get a home where you are worshiping a deity, such thing regarding an acolyte makes it an amazing and interesting background.

dnd background

4- Hermit

What makes a Hermit background really likeable and mysterious is their life of Seclusion. Hermits live their lives away from the people all alone and there could be any reason that could be adhered to answer โ€œwhy hermit lives a life of Seclusion?โ€

As mentioned in the book, work with you DM or roll to choose for which reason your Hermit choose to live a life of seclusion?

Hermitโ€™s feature is Discovery; the reason for which you have been living the life of isolation is finally gained. This feature of the Hermit makes it interest in a sense that one would start wondering that โ€˜what he has found?โ€™ and โ€˜how he manages to get it?โ€

Such questions which make a player wonder how and why a Hermit gets what he was looking for make this background interesting.

3- Outlander

For me, the outlander could be the background that can make you character a great warrior; wondering how? Just take a look at the book and you will get you answer. Outlanders grew up in wild with no people around them and no exposure to the gadgets

Outlanders bear extreme weathers which cannot be endured by the layman and living in wild has made them do thing by their own and not being depended on others.

Feature of an outlander is Wanderer, as an outlander you living wild has made you good at understanding the land and the different types of terrains. You have a good grasp over the layout of different geographic locations and apart from this you can manage to get food and water for you and for five other people.

2- Criminal

Criminal background is interesting in a sense that you have a long history of being criminal and doing crimes. You are kind of a Rebel who donโ€™t respect the law and never abide by it. As a matter of fact even if you have left and embarked upon the new journey of the adventure you still have contacts in the underworld.

Skills and tool proficiencies of the criminal are also fascinating. Beside these a criminal has a Criminal Specialty which is that as a criminal you have to choose the crime for which you were known for when you were a criminal.

For the criminal specialty, either you have to select from the table given in the book or you have to work with your Dungeon master to select which role you had played in your past when you were a criminal.

Feature of a Criminal includes Criminal Contact which implies that you have a strong connection with your criminal friends or other criminal source that will transfer you message from place to place.

1- Charlatan

Among all the background in the DnD, the background that I found amazing and love the most is the Charlatan.

The reason why I love this background is that Charlatan are the Dark Horse. A typical Charlatan has a charming and loveable personality for which people fall for his traps. He knows about the weaknesses of the people and knows who to use exploit them for his own benefit.

Another thing that fascinates about the charlatan is their Feature which is False Identity he has another personality of which most of the people are unaware of. He knows how not to disclose his real identity while keeping and maintaining the Charming looks.

Beside all these, a Charlatan knows how to forge documents and he also has a favorite scheme of deceiving people. You have to select on one of the Scheme from the Book which is most liked by you.


These are the 5 interesting backgrounds that I like the most and each has its own perks and drawbacks but nevertheless all the Background are amazing and interesting in one way or the other.

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