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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Game Review



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January 14, 2021

Grand theft auto San Andreas is another masterpiece by rockstar games, released in the year 2004, this game has drawn millions of players from all around the world. The game has earned many awards and it was also the best-selling game of 2004.

GTA San Andreas Back Story

GTA San Andreas portrays the story of a former gangster Carl Johnson – AKA – CJ who left his life of crime behind him and moved on. But after 5 years an unfortunate death of his mother brings him back to the hood where he meets his old boys just to get dragged back to his old life again and he soon realizes that the gang wars between rival gangs have grown too strong and he has no choice but to help his hood “Grove Street Boys” to take over all the other gangs.

Many of the events in the game actually depict real-life events that took place in the cities of Nevada and California. Many of the missions in the game shows gunfights between rival gangs to occupy the land where they can grow their gang.

All-new Features in GTA San Andreas

  • Rockstar introduced tons of new features in the game, here is a list of all the new features and vehicles introduced in the game.
  • Mini-games within the game itself, Now You can play basketball, snooker and many classic arcade games like the good old days.
  • Casinos where a player can gamble to earn money.
  • Bicycles are added in the game that provides us with a whole new vehicle control system.
  • A whole new range of vehicle systems with harvesting vehicles, ATVs, jets, and tow trucks have been added to the game.
  • New player abilities have also been introduced in the game which enables the player to swim (something we all have been waiting for), and the ability to climb walls and jump fences.
  • Improved weapon shooting and auto crosshair targeting enemies.
  • Tons of new weapons have also been introduced like homing missiles that CJ can use to lock and destroy the enemies.
  • The New Health system has been introduced which makes sure that CJ gets enough food and exercise from time to time to stay in shape. Otherwise, he could get real skinny or throw up if he eats more than he should.
  • Customization Garage, where a player can customize his rides with a ton of customization options to choose from.
  • Cloth shops, where a player can buy himself new clothes and other accessories.
  • Barbershops, where the player can change his hairstyle,
  • The gym has also been added, where a player can work out to gain muscles.
  • Rockstar has also improved the AI, now the NPCs are way smarter and act according to the situation they are in, you can even conversate with them.
  • The list just goes on and on with all the great new features that Rockstar has added in the game.

GTA San Andreas till date has drawn in millions of players from all over the globe, Even though, it’s been over a decade, players are still playing the game in 2020 which makes it one of the oldest games still played in the history of games. Play other interesting games like GTA 5 Indir.

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