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December 5, 2022

Have you ever been to the countryside and seen two cocks fighting with each other, or have you ever heard of a “cockfighting competition”? Or ever come across cockfighting videos on social media and wished you could have that experience in real life but not having a chicken makes it almost impossible? So many thoughts and wishes but zero way to make it come to life. You no longer have to worry about such a puzzling situation because we’re here with a BANGER. Let’s introduce Manok Na Pula Mod APK.

What is Manok Na Pula – Multiplayer?

Manok Na Pula is a cockfighting competition solely based on betting. This game is about taking risks; each time you play, you must select the chicken as the fighting contestant against the other competitor. Whoever wins gets the doubled amount of the original betting price. Game creators have put their maximum hard work and effort into putting forward an incredibly designed product. This game comprises an endless list of features, making it more trustworthy and something you can count on. 

Additionally, this game has a solid display and provides a perfect balance of challenge and reward. Something that makes this game more thrilling and exciting is that it is a level-based game and has an enormous list of chicken characters that you can unlock when you have enough money and other necessary items. Each chicken character exhibits a different quality and fight capability, which helps you differentiate among them and make your judgment fair in choosing which one is a perfect chicken for you. The better your chicken fights and win, the quicker you can pass levels and move on to more challenging ones.

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More About Manok Na Pula

In essence, a diverse challenge structure helps a beginner to get more skilled at this game. You will surely get a hold of this game after some complex levels, but practice improves everything. After some levels, users can form an army of their own, build buildings, and train their cocks for the next fight. If you keep losing fights and money, you need to be careful with your next moves and avoid mistakes you made in your previous fights. This game will not disappoint you at all but, instead, will become your top favorite game of all time.

Manok Na Pula MOD APK Features

  • The amount of money is unlimited
  • An unlimited number of dragon eyes
  • An endless supply of magic powder
  • VIP member available
  • Unlock multiplayer
  • Unlimited Exp
  • No third-party ads
  • 24/7 customer support


Can I play Manok Na Pula with my friends?

Of course, Manok Na Pula is a multiplayer game. You can with your friends and online with random people.


Many casual games are fun and easy to play now. If you are a fan of these games, then the Manok Na Pula MOD APK cock fighting game is the best among them. Cockfighting is a traditional game that is gaining popularity in the Philippines. If you want to play and get deeper, you must download this game and try your luck once.

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