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November 30, 2023

Imagine going on a road trip and forgetting to purchase a mobile load and we perfectly know what that means. No access to the internet for the rest of the trip and so time will feel longer than it actually is. Let’s be honest, it really is boring to have no internet connection because you can wander and stare at your car window for a few hours at maximum.

If you’re a GTA 5 Mobile fan then you know you’ll be having the worst time. Ever heard of playing GTA offline? I’m sure you haven’t, but it ends today because we’ve brought the offline version of GTA 5 Fan made that allows you to play GTA and make use of all of its features without access to an internet connection. 

What is GTA 5 Fan Made APK?

GTA, an open-world adventure game that revolves around 3 protagonists and their criminal activities, is now available on Android devices. GTA 5 Fan made APK to be the offline version of the original GTA game that requires an internet connection. GTA fan made is the Android adaptation of the PC version which is commonly the device it is available on. Since so many users do not have access to PC, but they would appreciate the same experience on their mobile phones is the inspiration behind the game.

GTA 5 Fan Made Download Apk
GTA 5 Fan Made Download Apk

Features of GTA 5 Fan made APK

Exceptionally designed

The following game is so meticulously crafted with great attention to detail and skillful execution. It almost leaves the users flabbergasted because of how well-made the game is for an Android version.

High quality

Along with the design, developers have paid great attention to the gameplay making it top-notch and good to the eyes. With impressive features, it has everything you will see not available on other Android versions.

Character customization

The store involves a wide variety of clothing items to choose from that will change your character’s personality. You can change your shirt, pants, mask, hat, shoes, sunglasses, and gloves. You can bring changes to your character’s appearance however you like. This is such a significant feature as it allows players to express their individuality and enhance their gaming experience. 

Vehicle customization

This game has everything one needs to get a massive glow-up. You can personalize your vehicle according to your preferences. Users are allowed to change its color, add new wheels, or add more shine. It’s always fun to listen to music while driving and surprisingly, players can customize their playlists according to their music taste, change speakers, and add subwoofers.


New features are accessible to users using this version. There is a wide range of different weapons you can choose for yourself. Weaponry has always served as a major aspect of GTA and is the only element that requires so much precision and mastering. Players can purchase weapons from gun stores, pick guns from fallen enemies, get them as a reward for completing missions or find them scattered throughout the game. 


The application comes with an ad-free feature so users can have a smooth experience without feeling the interruptions of ads popping up. Most of the offline versions include countless ads that can spoil one’s mood and convince one to immediately delete the app. But the developers have ensured not to give their users an unpleasant experience. 

Shooting power

Players can acquire different guns and pistols to master their shooting skills which are handy during fights. In this version, you are free to shoot anyone. Fighting is an integral part of GTA and thus it is important for players to exhibit shooting skills in order to complete missions and proceed further in life. 


A huge map is present at the bottom right corner that helps players navigate the game world and find locations for their missions. It shows your current location and guides you accordingly about the locations where the missions will take place. It also serves as a treasure navigator since it highlights where the treasure is hidden.

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Download GTA V Fan Made APK file

Follow the few steps to download this app. Carefully read and follow the guidelines to avoid trouble while downloading.

  • Click on the download link above. Our site provides free Apk files always.
  • Allow a few minutes for the download to complete.
  • The downloaded app can be found in the download section of your web browser.
  • Once you get it, then click on GTA 5 Mobile FanMade.
  • Next, your mobile phone will ask you to allow unknown sources.
  • Go to setting then click on the security option now unknown source option will be seen. Allow it
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • Now if you have done the job go to the main menu your app is present there.

Install GTA V Fanmade Latest Version

It’s very simple than downloading process. You have to do it as you did in the downloading process. Follow the guideline carefully. I hope you will not face any obstacles while installing this app.

  • Once the download has been completed, you can begin the installation process.
  • Follow the steps we mentioned above to download it.
  • Once the download is completed, then click on the app.
  • Allow third-party apps. For this go to the main menu, then click on the setting icon, and last go to security here you will see the unknown source option.
  • Allow it.
  • All is done. That’s it.


Is GTA 5 fan-made APK safe?

Yes, it is free you can download on your mobile and play it.


To conclude, GTA (grand theft auto) is one of the most successful games of all time. It is a richly produced open-world game that provides its players with engaging gameplay, attractive landmarks, impressive customizations, and uncompleted missions. With this offline version, you can have double entertainment and smooth gameplay without access to the internet. We would highly encourage everyone to download GTA 5 Fan Made APK and explore it. 

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